With the implementation of 1:1 Chromebooks for OHS students, we are also providing students, teachers and parents access to Canvas. Canvas is a Learning Management System which will provide teachers with a way to post assignments, documents, web links, media as well as announcements and notifications. Here students are able to participate in on-line learning activities, submit digital assignments, and receive personalized feedback and support from their teachers.Canvas will be used as a digital classroom for students.


  • Students will see a list of assignments and due dates for all their classes in an easy to find Coming Up list.

  • Assignments will show up on a Calendar by due date. Students can use this calendar to add their own activities to serve as an online agenda.

  • Teachers will post assignments in their courses and students will be accessing these assignments on Canvas and then submitting their work through Canvas.

  • Teachers will grade assignments on Canvas and submit these scores to PowerSchool. Students/Parents will be able to see their grades and any feedback the teacher has provided for them.

  • Teachers and Students will be able to communicate through Canvas.

  • Canvas provides an iOS, Android and Kindle Fire mobile app which can be used to access Canvas.

  • Parents can sign up as Observers of their student's account and see the activity in their student's courses.


In a continued effort to partner with parents for the academic success of our students, we are providing parents with the ability to access Canvas.

By providing parent access to Canvas we are hoping to provide you with a window into your child’s classroom where you can better understand the work that students and teachers are doing. We also hope that this provides you with more opportunities to discuss the learning that is happening in the classroom with your child, thus strengthening the connection between home and school.

As an Observer, parents will have access to Canvas in order to:

  • see students’ digital assignments and teacher feedback

  • see important classroom dates

  • be notified of communications from teachers

Please follow the instructions provided on this page to become an Observer.