California Seal of Biliteracy

 Attention Seniors, 

The California Seal Biliteracy process will begin NOW. The Seal of Biliteracy recognizes high school graduates who have accomplished measurable skills that demonstrate high levels of proficiency in English and another language. By acquiring such recognition, you will be able to enjoy greater career and employment opportunities in this global economy and diverse society. As students graduating Orestimba High School, acquiring the Seal of Biliteracy will assist in demonstrating your proficiency during employment, college admission, scholarships applications, and any lifelong aspirations you pursue in the 21st century multilingual society. 

If you are proficient in English as well as an additional language, and are interested in applying for the California State Seal of Biliteracy, please read the requirement included in the flyer embedded in the requirements link below and complete the personal information survey for candidate evaluation. For further questions, please contact your Spanish Teacher, Learning Director or Assistant Principal Mrs. Esquivez. 


Personal Information Survey