K-12 History Social Science Curriculum for Adoption
K-12 History Social Science Curriculum for Adoption
Wednesday, May 15, 2019

K-12 History Social Science Curriculum for Adoption by NCLUSD Board of Education

June 3, 2019

Parents and Community Members:

Below is a list of proposed History/Social Science Curriculum for K-12 students.  If you have questions please contact Kim Bettencourt, District Office:  862-2933. 

K-5:  Studies Weekly

Publisher:  Studies Weekly

6th-8th:  Discovery Education

Publisher:  Discovery Education

High School

10th World History

World History: The Modern World, California Edition 

10th AP World History

Ways of the World: A global History with Sources,  Robert Strayer and Eric W. Nelson; Bedford, Freeman, and Worth publishers

11th US History

United States History: The Twentieth Century, California Edition - Pearson 

11th AP US History

America’s History for the AP Course, 9th Ed., Bedford, Freeman, and Worth & Documenting United States History: Themes Concepts, and Skills for the AP Course, Bedford, Freeman, and Worth 

12th Economics

Economics: Principles in Action  - Pearson

12th Government

American Government, California Edition – Pearson

Human Geography

Contemporary Human Geography, 4th Edition, Rubenstien; Pearson 


Thinking About Psychology 4th Ed.    Bedford, Freeman & Worth