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December 15, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:

There are numerous research reports that have concluded that schools are not the primary drivers of spreading COVID-19. That does not mean there is no risk at all. In NCLUSD we have balanced the pressures to bring back students against the relative risk that in-person instruction presents to teachers, staff, older children and to their families.

Our safety protocols at school have been methodically followed by our personnel and children alike.

Community cases continue to increase and projections for this coming January and February are projected to be even worse.

I have made the decision to transition all our instruction to distance learning when we return from winter break January 6, 2021 through the third quarter of the school year ending March 12, 2021.

I do not take the decision to transition back to distance learning lightly. However, the level of spread in the community is so significant that it is making it too difficult to operate safely.

It is more important now than ever before for everyone to do their part to slow and prevent the spread of the virus by wearing masks, maintaining 6 feet of distance, washing hands, avoid large gatherings and stay at home when sick.

Our behavior and decision-making will determine how quickly we can return to in-person learning.


Randy Fillpot