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Welcome to my classroom.

Welcome to my classes. This year, I am teaching AP English to juniors and seniors, as well as two sections of college prep senior English.
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Senior English -  You will be submitting essays and projects to turnitin throughout the year.  You will need the class ID and a password.  You will use these every time you make a submission to turnitin.


1st period -  ID # is 13565397   Password is Beowulf

5th periods - ID # is 13565403  Password is Grendel  

Make sure to capitalize the password!

Turnitin Passwords for 11AP

In order to use Turnitin, here are the password and ID # for your section -

7th period  password - Frankenstein #13429553

8th period password - Byron # 13429559

Turnitin passwords for 12AP English

12AP English TURNITIN for plagiarism checking, here is your log in --  

3rd period - password - Hamlet  # 13429542

4th period - password - Catcher # 13429547