Orestimba High School

Counseling » UC/CSU A-G Course List

UC/CSU A-G Course List

UC/CSU A-G Course List

UC/CSU A-G Course List

Approved Courses for Orestimba High School



 A.  History/Social Science-2 years required


American Government/Economics

US History or US History AP

World Civilization or World Civilization Honors


B.  English-College Prep-4 years required

English 9 or 9 Honors

English 10 or 10 Honors

English 11 or 11 Language and Composition AP

English 12 or 12 Literature and Composition AP


C.  Math-3 years required, 4 recommended

Math I or Math Honors                     Pre-Calculus

Math II or Math II Honors                 Calculus AP

Math III or Math III Honors               Geometry

Survey of Math                                  Algebra 2                          


D.  Lab Science-2 years required, 3 recommended

     Biology or Agricultural Biology

      Advanced Biology Honors


      Chemistry AP



E.   Language other than English-2 years required (in same language), 3 years recommended

Spanish 1                    Spanish 2 Native Speakers

Spanish 2                    Spanish 3 Native Speakers

Spanish 3                    Spanish Language AP


F.   Visual and Performing Arts-1 year required

Art and Ideas            Ceramics and Sculpting

Art 2                           Intermediate Ceramics and Sculpting

Art 3                           Advanced Ceramics/Sculpting

Band                          History/Art of Floral Design

Drama I                     Multimedia/Video Production


G.  Elective-1 year required (not all of these classes are offered every school year)


      Introduction to Psychology

      Introduction to Computer Science

      Multimedia and Video Production

      Programming I

      ROP Veterinary Science

      Web Design and Media Production